Cicero Buck - dynamic pop/rock/Americana duo

Cicero Buck came about when Kris Wilkinson (For Kate's Sake) met Joe Hughes (The Lover Speaks/The Flys) at the Exit/In, Nashville. What started as a long distance romance and writing experiment turned into a permanent arrangement when Kris moved to the UK. Cicero Buck is the mis-hearing of 'Sears and Roebuck' in reference to the catalog houses that could be bought and are still seen today in Yazoo, MS. Their first album, Delicate Shades of Grey was favourited by the Captain (Nick Stewart) and featured on Virgin Radio. Bob Harris played a track as well. A second album, Humbucky, offered their own version of Joe's co-written hit, No More I Love Yous, which was made massive by Annie Lennox. After a career break to raise a daughter, Kris brought out A Taste of Wonderful, written and recorded for Which Wolf Wins records. This EP featured two songs (Heavy Rain and Maybees) that were included in a British film, Delicious, starring Louise Brealey (Sherlock) and a beautiful score by Michael Price (Sherlock). A collection of songs were released in 2014 under the title 'The Birth of Swagger' and is the most rock/pop of their releases.

Musicians such as Will Kimbrough, Kristin Wilkinson, Ken Coomer, Tom Moth, Steve Lee, Jay Lawrence, Kevin Hornbak, Andrew Thompson, Charlie Chadwick, Billy Livsey, Jack Peck, Nick Swannell and others have performed with or recorded with Cicero Buck.

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Below is a selection of tracks from each of Cicero Buck's four releases.