Paste Magazine 8.1 stars ... a lovely mélange of Americana-Roots music, brings to mind works by other fellow alt-country musicians Jason Isbell and Lucinda Williams. It demonstrates very well the knack that My Girl The River has for exceptional songwriting. While this record may not be a fairytale, it will become something that is just as celebrated over the years to come.


October 9: It’s October and we’re winding down the live shows - a GREAT show at the EntShed with Danni Nicholls - but not winding down the writing. New songs like ‘You Do Not Deserve My Tears’ and ‘I Try’ and ‘Hot Chicken’ are killing it at recent gigs so definitely look for those on the next album, hopefully out early/mid next year. I’ll be performing in Florida for RadioLive in February (yay!!). This is my third visit to Pensacola but this one is solo (no Jojo, sad face). I hope to add some dates around the south so keep an eye out. Watch for a single in the coming weeks and more news as it happens. Big hugs from us,  Kris x  (you can see our recent acoustic show below playing Hot Chicken with the great duo Smith & Brewer!)

AmericanaUK 7/10
Amazingly "This ain't no Fairytale" is the debut album by "My Girl The River" - amazing because it is such a rich and confident production. Add to that amazing an astonishment that the core of the tracks were laid down in just two days in a room in the home of Kris Wilkinson Hughes' - the gorgeously toned singer and songwriter of "My Girl The River" - with overdubs added later. This wonderful wistful country-folk is what experienced musicians can achieve when they set their hearts and minds to it - but this would all be for nothing if this was not also such an accomplished set of songs - superbly written observations on place and family, mixed with a keen edge of nostalgic yearning.  Read more on the
MGTR page.

Butterfly by artist James Marsh

Butterfly by artist James Marsh

Our cd single. Me and my PawPaw.

Hopefully we'll see you at a show very soon! Get a cd before anyone else and even have access to our beautiful postcards! Stickers are free. In fact, tweet a photo of your sticker in a fun and interesting place with #mygirltheriver - let's see how far these butterflies can fly!