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Inspired by the book The Art of Racing In The Rain

Several years ago now, I read Garth Stein's book and adored it. I wrote him and told him so. I asked him about the film (at that time the rights had just been secured by Neil Moritz and Patrick Dempsey). I was inspired to write several songs, all floating around different plot points in the book: Denny driving, Denny being manipulated by the young woman, Denny being heart broken, Enzo making his return at the end... I hope you enjoy them. All songs by me with my husband, Joe Hughes (No More I Love Yous - Annie Lennox) on bass. These were the first songs I was inspired to write after the birth of our daughter, Ruby. Before that it was just songs about bathtime and spoons! I hope you enjoy them and hear possibility. 

Nitelite - a lullaby (Phil Spector style)
Rough and Ready - a driving song (Cheap Trick style)
Don't Get Mad At Me - relationship trouble (arty and spacey)
There Is You - Pop/ELOesque - end of film for Enzo/closing credits
I Made It Up - lies, lies and manipulation, blues
Lightning in a Bottle - driving, love at first sight, guitar pop
Easy Company - another driving, rock and blues song
The Hole - Tom Petty/Shawn Colvin style, as low as you can get
Heavy Rain - acoustic and moody, singer/songwriter
(Used in 'Delicious', directed by Tammy Riley Smith)
Maybees - light, jangley guitar (Used in 'Delicious', directed by Tammy Riley Smith)
The Last Song - slow, about losing a loved one, moving on to the next life, by My Girl The River

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the birth of swagger