First Festival

Well folks. We did it. We were invited to perform at the Isle of Wight festival in January. Months have passed and the anticipation grew. The excitement, the nerves, the worries and the build up. You can't help but build up an event of such magnitude. Such scope. What happened you ask? How did it go?? Well, keep reading and I'll tell you.

New Year, New Album

We begin 2016 finishing off the mastering process of the new My Girl The River album 'This Ain't No Fairytale'. After that, it's art and manufacturing and then we're off to the races. It's a crazy process to

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My Girl the River is GO!

My newest musical journey begins with a gift from my dearly departed Aunt Linda. Not a massive gift but a little bit for a rainy day. Something to remember her by. To honour that gift I have decided to record the first My Girl The River album. 

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The Summer of Swagger

We had a great CD release show at the Ent Shed in Bedford and our final show of the summer is at the Horn Reborn in St Albans as part of their Blue Angel Acoustic night Sunday, July 5. 

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