New Year, New Album

We begin 2016 finishing off the mastering process of the new My Girl The River album 'This Ain't No Fairytale'. After that, it's art and manufacturing and then we're off to the races. It's a crazy process to get an album out there and reviewed and played and then to book a tour and keep it relevant and in the spotlight. Tough doesn't come close! But we'll do all we can to share it with everyone and having heard it myself (many times) I know folks will enjoy it. It's a career defining body of work. Sometimes I feel like the vessel that has passed it on to the public. I am humbled at the support from the musicians that played on it, by the engineer that recorded it and mixed it and by everyone's enthusiasm for getting their mitts on it! Let's do this!

And not to mention it's a new year. But this time with the album and everything that is going on (and turning 50) I feel that it's time to let it all go. Just do it. Accept it. Enjoy it and see it as you want to see it. Of course I hope you enjoy the album. Of course I want people to embrace it and share it and listen and play it. But at the same time, predicting the future is like having a conversation with a coconut. It's one sided and can't really be done. I believe in the power of attraction and positive vision and I see it in my mind's eye all the time. This year I embrace this positive stance and know that I will attract what is coming my way. This album was only ever gonna happen NOW. I needed to be here in the UK (and leave Nashville) and experience life with Joe to create My Girl The River and write the songs that are recorded. Only now was I ready to find the right people for this album. Only now was I ready to sing the songs. Only now am I ready because they couldn't exist before now. As a writer I had to grow and experience the lows and highs. I could go on and on, but you get the message. I can't control where it goes, I can only point it in the right direction. I can spend each day thinking positive and making positive actions toward the goal - whatever that is. Maybe it's selling 500 albums. Maybe it's playing two festivals. Maybe it's supporting an artist I admire. Maybe it's listening to the album at home with my family. Maybe it's seeing the expression on my parent's faces when they hear it. Whatever happens, I'll accept it. I'm lucky to still be creating, to be inspired to create and that somehow the weight of the world hasn't crushed my spirit. I wish everyone who creates the very best of luck. And that includes me.

Kristine HughesComment