April 2016

It's May 1st and that must mean THE PRE-ORDER HAS BEGUN! Welcome! Buy the download NOW (before it's June 20 release) and get the title tracks for FREE RIGHT NOW. Only Amazon and iTunes, but's that ok, right?

Also very pleased to say we are featured in a House of Mercy radio show to be aired very soon AND we have been selected for a prime Saturday night slot at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival on June 11! 

My Girl The River is very pleased to be working with Peter from Hemifran in Europe for all things PR, review, radio oriented. Peter is the real deal and will do us proud! 

First Fan Feedback for the album and we are completely stunned. 'We love the CD. 'Right up there with Lucinda Williams, kd Lang, Eva Cassidy and Gillian Welch.' - now that is serious praise! Thank you Dave and Denise from Shrewsbury!!