We're in October and it's gonna be a crazy month with a crazy end which will be the beginning of the new album and all that comes with it! A mini-tour of the American South happens and meetings and family and writing...it's all going on! And now begins the 23 days of rehearsing so we don't disappoint anyone, mostly ourselves. I'll be listing the tour dates this week AND I will be adding a new song to the Pledgemusic page, to give you a bit more flavour of what's in store for you. Anyone can do anything....don't forget it!

I found some posters (I have a TON) from the For Kate's Sake days in Nashville. As it so happens, the date on one of them can be clearly seen as October. We played a lot in Nashville. We had alot of players, too. One I recently bumped into was Kevin Hornback who was on tour with Reeves Gabrels (and drummer Jeff Brown). We had a great catch-up and the band was ridiculous. I met Reeves partner, Suzanne, who is an excellent counter part to any full time musician. She handles the 'stuff'. Let's Reeves get on with being the creative artist he is. His guitars are gorgeous.

So going into October I take the memory that once upon a time I got up and played and I had utter confidence in my music, my band and myself and my ability to entertain an audience. And I will see some old friends on the 28th in Nashville that will probably make me cry and THEN see all of my family at a gig in Jackson on Nov 2 that will probably make me cry (again!). It's a great launch pad for the new album, which I hope, if you get it, you enjoy the hell out of it.

Onwards and upwards, never backwards! - Kris x

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