Mini-Tour, Max effect

It was such a brilliant experience. How do I describe our bizarre mini-tour? Time spent with dear friends, family and playing music with friends and wonderful musicians? A great time in Nashville and a great gig at the Basement. A drive through the Delta and a gig at the Pinkbar. Roxie took such great care of us. And then a charity event in Jackson at Duling Hall. Children and staff came out to hear the music. It was unforgettable. So many lovely faces in the crowd. Reconnecting with old friends like we'd never been apart. Performing with musicians from days gone by - what took us so long to play a gig? Through the haze and craze of it all Joe and I recognised our next step. We can't wait to get to work on our new songs. In the meantime, The Birth of Swagger will be released in January and we hope that holds you until the next album. x

Kristine HughesComment