Bring on the storm....Heavy Rain is here!

heavy rain still.jpg

I feel like Steve Martin in 'the Jerk' - the new video is here! The.New.Video.Is.Here! We can't believe we did it. In a very short space of time we created a gorgeous representation of what 'Heavy Rain' brings to mind - for ME. I had this concept very early on - easily a year or so ago and I enlisted my good friend, Nick Swannell, to help me pull it off. I wanted it to be in keeping with the lyric and set the tone - and boy does it! It also blends with the film clips beautifully. A special thanks to Tammy Riley Smith for allowing us to include scenes from her gorgeous film, Delicious. My lovely friend, Penny, let me use what I like to call 'the coolest shower in the world' and the deal was done. Two days shooting, didn't use half of it, Nick went away to edit and very VERY quickly, the video was nearly there. We tweaked a bit here and there and incorporated the film clips when we had them and Ta-Daaaaa!! 'Heavy Rain' was finished.  I look forward to coming up with other concepts and ideas for future videos - but until then, do please watch 'Heavy Rain', share it, like it, and let me know what you think. It's the support from people who say 'yes, do it!' that really make so much difference! Thank you!