Movie week and more...

The week of July 3rd is finally here! 'Delicious' premiers this week at the Curzon Soho and we simply cannot wait to be there. My review of 'Delicious' - My Delicious the Film review: I was thrilled to finally see Delicious after waiting for it's release date for many weeks. It was well worth the wait and I intend to see it again. Louise Brealey delivers a deep and moving portrayal of  Stella, a woman caught in a vicious cycle, short circuiting her health and her love life. The one person that might save her is Jacques, played by Nico Rogner, who comes to London on his own personal mission, only to find his real work may be to help Stella. These two flawed characters blend beautifully - the witty English rose with her biting humour and desperate need to keep to herself and accept no help mixed with the slightly direct and awkward French way of being and sensibility to offer help when it's so obviously needed. All under the watchful eye of Sheila Hancock, a slightly nosey neighbour who, in her own way, protects first Stella and then Jacques. Incredibly honest and touching, funny and simple - no big trickery or budgets here. Just a story about a girl and a boy and how life can hurt us and heal us, if we let it. The score is beautiful - a French cafe feel, written by Michael Price and with sparse singer/songwriter songs dropped in to add to the emotional impact. Well done to Tammy Riley-Smith on a brilliant first feature. 

I know it will mean different things to different people. But it does mean something. It is moving and full of provocation. And beautiful food. You might want to eat before you see it!

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