Approaching September...

We are finally nearing completion of our 4th studio album, The Birth of Swagger. It has been a labour of love to bring this to you and it's completely indulgent. Each song belongs in it's own little galaxy. There is a bit of Americana, some pop, some roots rock, some southern guitar rock, some blues, some singer-songwriter and one lullaby a-la Phil Spector. Once again, teaming with Nick Swannell, producer of Humbucky, BOS promises to bring light and life and mystery and movement back into your life. As a self release on our own label, Super Tiny Records, we aim to get Swagger to those about to rock, sing along or otherwise want to get excited about an independent project and move their butts. Cicero Buck, true to form, can't stay in one genre, won't stay in one room, jump from camp to camp and this is why you like us! 

We hope to set up a Pledgemusic campaign to allow fans, friends and family to help support this long awaited release and be a part of our musical endeavour. And once it's out and people are listening and enjoying it, we hope to bring it to you live. Cause you're gonna want to hear it live. Trust me. (Visit the 'Film' page for a view of the new lyric video for 'Don't Get Mad at Me')

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