My Girl the River is GO!

My newest musical journey begins with a gift from my dearly departed Aunt Linda. Four years gone now and I finally know what to do with this gift. Something to remember her by. To honour that gift I have decided to record the first My Girl The River album. And it will be recorded here, in the house, with the help of John Garden (Alison Moyet) who will be engineering and mixing the album. We're going old fashioned, front porch style with everyone live in the room except for the fewest of overdubs in the form of strings or harmonies that can't be done on the day. Joe will continue to provide bass. Acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals are still down to me. I will be announcing a couple of the players soon but I do think it's gonna sound great. Like we're in YOUR living room playing. I'll be keeping folks up to date via the My Girl The River newsletter so go to CONTACT and sign up if you haven't already. I know my Aunt Linda would be so excited... kris x

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