February 14 pre-sale!

It's nearly time! We've had a couple of wonderous reviews and now we are so near the release date of 'The Birth of Swagger' we can smell it! We are even doing a pre-release starting on February 14, to show our love and appreciation. But hey, the 23rd isn't that far away, is it?? And then you will be able to sink your pop lovin', songwriting admirationship, musical production expectations into our 33 1/3 minutes long wonder disc of funness!

FATEA magazine had this to say, 'Handclappy, guitar led pop rock and not a little reminiscent of The Bangles, the title of opening track also serves as a comment on the album as capturing Lightning In A Bottle'. (Read the whole review HERE)

And prior to that, we got a lovely review from Rust Magazine based in Atlanta, GA. It said, 'Here at RUST Magazine we love surprises. Especially fresh and intense pop music from that shows up in our mailbox all the way from the UK. Although this British band is actually half American (via Kris), this dynamic duo of Kris and Joe Hughes have compiled a collection of super-produced hits for this, their fourth full-length album. The Birth of Swagger takes cues from some specific moments in Amerciana music and maximizes it within a particular space. The concept, the songwriting, the performances and the production are all excellent, and The Birth of Swagger showcases artists with experience, skills and self-knowledge to spare.' Isn't that amazing?? You can read that review HERE

We are preparing our first single, There is You, which has been described as a Jeff Lynne, ELO flashback. No bad thing there! We hope you enjoy every second of the new album. Seriously.

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