The Ride

My thought for the day? (week, month...) I admire so many of you, out there doing your thing. Playing and performing, writing and touring, it's exciting and I applaud you. A lot of you did this with great sacrifice - no children, no partner, or a partner at home with the children or waiting until your children were grown to get stuck in. I stepped off of the rollercoaster. And now I am watching it fly past. The ride has totally changed and keeps changing all the time. Do I need your approval or support to write? No. If I hadn't stepped off the ride, I wouldn't have a husband and daughter telling me 'don't quit', 'stay true to yourself'. And so, I will continue, but I don't need anyone to tell me I can or can't. My success is within me. Looking back is poison. The future is a bright unknown, and as long as I am doing what I feel is a big part of me, I'll be ok. My two biggest fans are beside me. Soft souls get trampled and bruised in this nasty music business. And if I manage to get ahold of the ride, I'll have a blast, I assure you. Until then, you'll see me waving to you from the much slower merry-go-round.

Kristine HughesComment